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Marc Winn

Marc Winn is an innovative entrepreneur with a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs.

First and foremost I am a husband to Valerie and father to Charlie and am part owned by a dog called Henry. I (sometimes) live in the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey. I don’t really have a job or a business. I am self unemployed and on personal quest to do what it takes to go out and have a great day every day. I spend my time helping people to unlock their potential, having much more fun and live with greater freedom and meaning. I do this by getting up every day to live my own remarkable life, having coffee with great people, going on incredible adventures, learning as much as I can and blogging to the world about what I go through. In a past life I was an unhappy and unhealthy internet entrepreneur in the alternative health sector (irony not lost). We lost a lot of money initially but in the end found a way to make a a good amount. There is an awful lot you learn about yourself going through a decade long experience like that. Since then I have been working with dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs helping them build sustainable life enhancing businesses that matter. I have an almost unhealthy fascination regarding outliers, contrarian thinking and making the impossible possible. I also have a huge passion for reinventing education (so so bored at school), reinventing community and helping the world become a happier and more inspiring place.

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