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Startup Guernsey operates a free and impartial Business Advice Service using the skills and experience of a range of Guernsey business professionals who want to help start-up and existing businesses. We are based at the Digital Greenhouse at the Market Square so please feel free to pay us a visit or book an appointment with one of our Business Advisors.

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How Introductions Are Made

As with all introduction agencies, the idea is to make a “good match” in terms of what the business is seeking to achieve matched to the skills and experience of the Mentors we have on our books.

  • The first meeting is designed to see if the two parties are a good match and could possibly go forward, achieving what both parties were seeking to achieve.

It may be that a member of the Startup Guernsey team would be present for the first part of that meeting, facilitating the introduction, agreeing what the two parties should be seeking to achieve and then leaving them to discuss the particular business issues they wish to address.

  • Both parties would then be asked to report back to see if they were a possible match.

If we receive two positives, an agreement could then be negotiated between the two parties, beyond the auspices of Startup Guernsey.

To that end an Agreement will be signed to ensure both parties are completely aware that the agreement they are entering into is between them and nothing to do with Startup Guernsey.


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