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As part of your business plan you will need to look at how you will market your business or product to your potential customers. Understanding your potential customers is essential and one trick people use is to give your customer an identity and think about how they live to better understand how to reach them.

The first piece of marketing many people think of is to place an advertisement in the media or go to the local radio station to start a media campaign. While both of these are valid ways forward and should give you a great response, they are not always affordable for the small startup. So if you are planning a lean startup you should look at all the options before making your marketing choices.

First of all have a budget in mind, if it is zero that's fine and believe it or not there are still things you can do for no money.

Networking is one way forward. There are the physical networks, business clubs and groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the IoD can give you immediate access to potential customers.

Consider your target market and if they are a specific group think about where they go, what they do and what they read and then target those opportunities. Print business cards and leaflets, this can be done at home or for little cost, and then distribute them to the people you want to buy your product or service. For example if you are offering a dog walking service, go to dog shows, pet shops and vets and see if they will display your cards or allow you to target their customers.

Facebook is a free opportunity to market your product or service and you can also use Twitter and Linkedin to promote your business. Other options can include the voucher schemes like Quidsin and Guernsey Treats which work well for some businesses, just be careful about your pricing. Also be prepared to go to events where your product or service can be seen, like the Annual Shows and Fairs, Seafront Sundays and Christmas events. These can really work well to get your product or service seen by a large number of people.

It is often the case that word of mouth is the vital element, particularly in a small island like Guernsey so whatever you do, give a good service and people will soon hear about you.

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