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Laws and Regulations


Running a business can be complicated, particularly if you are new to a particular business. It is always good to gain experience in a particular field before you startup yourself but if you can't then you need to know what laws and regulations apply to you.

The controls on what you can do can be very diverse and sometimes difficult to establish. If you are considering operating a mobile vending business you just can't park where you like and sell your ice-creams and coffees. 

By talking to us at Startup Guernsey we can offer you some support and ideas on where to go to get the relevant permissions and help advise on the type of regulations you may face.

It could be as simple as a change of use of premises and making sure you get that permission before you sign a lease. It may be that you need Environmental Health to check your kitchen before you start a cake baking business from home.

To sell products in shops you may need bar codes, to look after children you will need to comply with the necessary regulations and to sell door to door you would need a Hawkers Licence.

There are a myriad of regulations to protect the Island and the Public and while sometimes it can be just a simple matter of registering or getting a criminal record check for some businesses it can be quite complex and will need professional help.

As always do your research and ask questions. 

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