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With the help of David Stanley, who is a Patent Attorney based in Alderney specialising in Patent, Design and Trade Mark registration, Startup Guernsey has a "process" for helping people with ideas and inventions. This process will involve meeting with us, then if the idea has potential, meeting with David Stanley and once you have protected your idea the opportunity to discuss the commercialisation of the idea with the team.

Coming up with new ideas is often described as the easy bit. Finding out if they have been thought of before, how to protect them and then how to commercialise the idea is the hard bit.

Startup Guernsey  has an arrangement with David Stanley of Stanleys, a company based in Alderney (www.stanleys.co.uk) for him to come to Guernsey, for free, each month, to talk confidentially to Inventors and businesses about their ideas and how to protect them. David Stanley is a European Patent & Trade Mark Attorney and his business specialises in Patent, Design and Trade Mark registration.

If you would like to meet David on one of his regular visits then email us or call us on 710043 to arrange an appointment.

We also have access to people who have been there and done it so to speak with their own inventions and ideas who we can talk to about making your inventions a commercial reality. Inventors will need to decide how they want to capitalise on their invention, that being either carrying out the manufacturing and sales yourself or licensing the idea out or selling it to someone else.

The life of an Inventor can be very lonely and it is difficult to know who to turn to for help. So share your idea with us and we will help you take the steps that might turn your dreams into reality.

However a word of warning. There are a lot of people out there who claim that they can help take your idea forward. That route can prove very expensive. Don’t talk to anyone about your idea until you have spoken to us. If you have to, get them to sign a confidentiality agreement before you do. The protection of your idea is paramount and you shouldn’t share it with anyone until you are fully protected.

Remember the services of Startup Guernsey are confidential and free.

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