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5 Tips for Successful Selling


Sales is the basic act of convincing other people to buy your product or service. It is vital to all businesses that they sell to their customers and this can be achieved in many ways. Business Development is the way by which you expand your business and look at new products and new areas in which to sell.

We are all "selling" ourselves every day of our lives. What that means is that we sell our attitudes to others and others perceive us in  that way. Are we kind, nice people, aggressive or harsh. All those traits we "sell" to the people we meet.

When we take on the role of a sales person, we have to watch those natural attributes because if people don't like you then it is unlikely that they would buy from you.

In terms of a business the same applies. If people don't like your business or how they perceive it to be then they won't want to do business with you. It is a simple fact of nature. So here are our 5 top tips.

1. Portray the friendly face, the smile, the nice website, the happy facebook page and make sure that every customer gets a positive experience from dealing with you and your business.

2. Talk to your clients to understand why they chose your products and what they want from your product.

3. Offer deals, everyone likes a good deal so be sure to offer value for money.

4. Offer money back deals if your client isn't satisfied, it gives confidence to purchasers

5. Make the purchase process as easy as possible, if a client faces any difficulties they will quickly go elsewhere.

Loads of information has been written on the "art" of selling and there are many ways to achieve sales, the discounts, the benefits, the "must have because every one else has one" pitch and the "you can't live without this" pitch. But at the end of the day selling one of something is easy. Getting repeat sales is when you know you are doing things right.

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