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15 Top Tips For Selling Online


Our in house expert gives you her 15 top tips for selling online

1 - Make sure your product/service is compelling

  • Google around your marketplace
  • Know exactly your strengths and weaknesses
  • You must be convinced you have an edge - if not go back to the drawing board

2 - Research your market

  • Is it big enough?
  • What’s the competition like?
  • How is your competition marketing?
  • Is there a solid niche for your product/service? (or are you about to go in direct competition with established players?)
  • Can it be marketed profitably?

3 - Create an awesome brand

  • In the split second of web decision making a nice brand can make all the difference
  • The value of a good brand is exponentially higher online - invest here and you’ll reap the rewards for years.

4 - Launch a great website

  • It should be clean, simple and clearly pitch your service
  • Keep it short - less is more
  • Use Wordpress for your site unless it really must be bespoke
  • Use 3rd party shopping carts eg. Shopify - they’re robust, reliable and have been tested to optimise the purchase process

5 - Streamline the purchase process

  • Ensure maximum payment options
  • Put nothing in the way of a client and their purchase eg. "Before you checkout how about signing up for…." NO!!!

6 - Consider Selling through Amazon and eBay

  • Selling through these guys saves you loads of time and effort
  • Brings the authority of their brand
  • Disadvantage - you’re sending your customers to where there’s competition
  • Advantage - If your product is compelling you’ll win customers from your competitors

7 - Get your fulfilment right

  • Use 3rd parties of you can
  • Amazon is the Rolls Royce and gets you in their market

8 - Google Ads is your best friend - Learn it inside out

  • Fastest way to get customers
  • A good google campaign can deliver a consistent stream of buyers for months on end

9 - Social media can also be your best friend

  • Facebook page and ads
  • Massive potential audience if you can afford it
  • Building Facebook followers is worth it if you have the time
  • Twitter
  • Only use this if you think your target audience is there already

10 - Draw a crowd

  • Competitions etc.
  • Get creative. Stand out. Make noise. Don’t be shy.
  • Get endorsements from big sites, high profile people in your space

11 - Test, test and test again

  • Small changes to ads and webpages can make massive difference to sales conversions
  • Constantly try new ideas ini your marketing and on your site

12 - Stats are everything - Google Analytics is a must have

  • Your analytics dashboard is your shrine - visit it daily

13 - Build a mailing list

  • Get all buyers and as many browsers as possible onto your mailing list
  • Devise good excuses for regular contact
  • Newsletter
  • Competitions

14 - Don’t get hung up on Search Engine Optimisation but...

  • Google’s smart and can spot cheats a mile away - gaming it to get up the ranking is fools gold
  • Build a great site with great content
  • Make sure you follow all Googles recommendations for optimisation
  • Get as many good sites linking to you as you can

15 - Deliver excellent service

  • Rapid replies to enquries - ideally within the hour
  • Give refunds whenever you’re asked
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