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14 August 2017

Meet JT's Discover Digital Student Intern


JT has been working in partnership with Start-up Guernsey and the Digital Greenhouse along with six other leading companies within Guernsey to offer the first Discover Digital student internships this summer in Guernsey.

Olivia, tell us a little bit about yourself?

14th August 2017

JT has been working in partnership with Start-up Guernsey and the Digital Greenhouse along with six other leading companies within Guernsey to offer the first Discover Digital student internships this summer in Guernsey.

We met Olivia Strachan, JT’s Digital Intern to find out how she’s finding the internship so far and why digital skills are so important for the future.

Well I have just finished my GCSEs and am all set to start my A levels this September. I will be studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Art Textiles, so I like a challenge.

What made you apply for the digital internship?

The summer between GCSE’s and A Levels is fairly significant and I wanted to fill this transitional period with a unique experience; something that would allow me to gain additional skills and practice in the working world. The discover digital internship seemed the perfect opportunity, given my passion for digital and my future education and career plans.

Why JT?

I was extremely pleased to be chosen by JT. They’re an innovative technology based company, which I knew lots about given their Channel Island roots. I was already familiar with their products and style and the project I was given would build on my knowledge and also allow me to learn new skills in what is a very interesting sector.

What project are you working on and what have you done so far?

I’m now over half way through a website review project with the aim of simplifying the content and user journey to enhance the customer experience.
Once completed, I would have managed a new website restructure from start to finish which is quite exciting.

So far I have conducted a full audit of the current site and mapped out a structure. I have also redesigned all the product icons, sourced some new images and tried my hand at business and product copywriting. I’ve also attended a WordPress training course and began to build and rearrange the new site in a testing environment. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result.

What skills have you learned that you will take forward with you into you future career?

This experience has been invaluable to me so far. Not only has it helped me learn vital digital skills, such as how to work with WordPress and sitemaps, but it has taught me important life skills such as good communication and working as part of a team. These skills will be even more necessary to my future career as they are not profession specific.

What do you think digital skills are so important in today’s world?

I think it is essential to have digital skills no matter what I do as more and more industries are going in that direction. In a decade or so it will be impossible to do any job without digital skills and this is why it is increasingly important to develop a foundation for these skills today. Technology is already an integral part of our lives and without the skills to handle it you will end up a step behind.

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Brand & Distribution at JT, said: ‘Digital skills in technology businesses like JT are rapidly becoming essential, not just useful. We’re investing in digital skills for all our teams, especially those in communications roles. However, assisting in training future generations is just as important as building this into the current workforce, and that is why we are very happy to support this internship programme. Olivia has shown us skills and her time with us has been both valuable for her and us; a true exchange of ideas and learning. We are grateful to Digital Greenhouse for having the foresight to pilot this scheme and we hope it continues.’

Lucy Witham, Education Development Officer for Learning Technology, said "We were very pleased to have JTs support for the first year of the Discover Digital Internship, which has seen 11 students undertake paid employment with a range of companies, focusing on the digitisation of business. The experience of working at a company like JT is extremely valuable for our young people providing them with not only with first hand business understanding and skill development, but also showing the employment opportunities available to them on-island with innovative companies like JT in the technology and digital sectors."

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