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02 December 2016

Introduction to Managing Social Media

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Introduction to Managing Social Media for Small Business by Stefanie Haigh of ALL THINGS SOCIAL

Introduction to Managing Social Media for Small Business by Stefanie Haigh of ALL THINGS SOCIAL

Small business and start-up owners often have to wear a variety of hats and have a never-ending to-do list. From speaking to clients and running my own small business, I know that social media always gets pushed to the bottom of the list.
There’s a lot more to a social media strategy than simply setting up your accounts. If you go into it with a plan, then you are far more likely to succeed. On the final day of Global Entrepreneurship Week, I hosted an interactive workshop to help small businesses and start up owners learn how to manage their social media presence effectively and efficiently.

The keys to social media success are consistency, having great content and knowing who your audience are. In the workshop, we covered these points in a variety of ways. In order to identify your audience, you need to know who your ideal client is. Then you can tailor your content to their interests and their schedule.

When it comes to content, it’s advisable to work on a balance of about 70% inspirational/educational content and 30% sales/marketing. Do not just scream your latest offers at your customers. You have to tap into their interests, start conversations, hang out where they hang out - online. And don’t forget to be social! People focus so much on ‘I really should post something on Facebook today’ that they forget to be a part of the conversation in their online community. Yes, it seems like a lot of work, but if you build an engaged audience who love seeing your updates, you will create an organic army of brand ambassadors ready to recommend your company to everyone they speak to and do your social marketing for you. The way to do this is to show the personality in your brand - to share a joke with your following, show the behind-the-scenes and people in your business, share your inspirations, aspirations and expertise. Put the social back into social media.
We also covered a variety of free scheduling platforms, image creation sites and analytics software to make a busy entrepreneur’s life easier. After a short intro to all of these, attendees were given the chance to put what they had learned into action and to chat through any further questions or queries that they had with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning. It was wonderful to meet so many small business owners so keen to learn more about social media.

Got a burning social media question for me? Tweet me @ATSocialTweets and I’ll get back to you with some advice!
For more information on Stefanie or All Things Social, please visit allthingssocial.co.uk.

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