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21 April 2016

Blog from Marketing Clinic


The Startup Guernsey “Meet the Marketing Experts” clinic took place at the Digital Greenhouse on 6th April.

The Startup Guernsey “Meet the Marketing Experts” clinic took place at the Digital Greenhouse on 6th April. The lunchtime event included presentations on creative design and social media marketing from keynote speakers, Graham Daldry and Tim Langlois from Specsavers.


Graham, who heads up the creative department at Specsavers spoke about brand identity. He explained that a good brand identity includes a logo, advertising, tone of voice and campaign line and that the best logos are distinctive, visual, memorable, multi media and simple.

He said that the Specsavers logo is the second most recognised logo in the UK after Ford for this reason. He asked people to consider how many thousands of adverts we see in one day? How many do we remember? How many times have we seen a great bit of content but can’t remember the brand that sponsored, made or paid for it?

He said one message never works and that consistency is everything to get a product lodged into people’s minds. He highlighted the importance of always speaking to the customer in the same tone of voice and explained the importance of the campaign line. He recommended always having the brand name in the endline such as “United colours of Benetton”. He said he believed that this was one of the key reasons why the Specsavers “should have gone to Specsavers” endline had been so successful.

Tim Langlois, Digital Marketing Manager for Specsavers also gave a presentation about social media marketing and explained how Specsavers uses the different social media channels for different forms of communication with its customers.

For example, he explained that they use the “conversation platform” Twitter for customer service, as it’s quick and immediate and allows them to react and resolve any client issues as soon as possible. He highlighted the importance of other growing social media channels such as Instagram which is the key communications channel used for the visual communication of the Specsavers brand.

Facebook now has more daily viewers than any TV channel, with 29M people per day, compared to 21M per day on BBC Radio 1. Of the 29M, 26M are viewing Facebook on their mobiles, showing how mobile really has changed the way we communicate.

He also spoke of the importance of finding your own unique brand identity and being true to yourself via all your communications channels. To see his presentation - click here

The clinic also included a brief overview of a number of marketing and creative agencies in Guernsey including The Potting Shed, Spike Productions, Lubiland, GB Consult and Bridge Digital. Andy Perkins also gave an overview of Squared Online, the online marketing course provided by Google which he has recently completed.

We would like to thank all our marketing and creative experts for being part of this clinic and to Specsavers for sponsoring the event.


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