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16 November 2018

Feminine Business


Feminine Business - hosted by Islandmums and Female Potential

10:00 - 12:00, 3rd Floor, Digital Greenhouse

Sasha Kazantseva-Miller from Island Mums has teamed up with Michelle Johansen from Female Potential for a workshop on Feminine Business. The event will be held at the Digital Greenhouse as part of Startup Guernsey‘s line-up for Global Entrepreneurship week on Friday 16 November from 10am-12pm.

“In business, qualities that are perceived to link to success such as ambition, competitiveness, strength, efficiency and a winning attitude are typically considered masculine and have been revered as being more powerful and effective, while qualities which may be considered more feminine such collaboration, intuition, empathy, integrity and receptiveness are downgraded to the “weakness” table”, said Sasha.

The event is Sasha’s brainchild and the fifth year she has organised an event for Global Entrepreneurship week. Like many of us, becoming a mother was a pivotal moment in Sasha’s life and after a very successful career, it was a time when she began to question how parenting and business fit together and what changes could be made to benefit the way we live and work. She has come to value more archetypally feminine values as being crucial.

“The question we will be asking at Friday’s event at the Digital Greenhouse is: What if recognising and tapping into this feminine energy is the missing ingredient in many of our workplaces? What if this is what is needed to transform leadership in the 21st Century?” said Sasha.

Michelle has been pioneering the progression of women in business for many years in her work with the Women’s Development Forum. She too believes that a more feminine approach can be extremely beneficial for a company and it’s employees.

“Crucially this is not just about women, we all possess feminine and masculine energy — the yin and the yang — and it is finding the balance of these energies in business which will transform our workplaces, our lives and regenerate our planet,” said Michelle. By shifting the way we look at leadership and breaking some of the stigmas associated with feminine energy, we believe we can create a more holistic environment that promotes greater success and well-being in today’s businesses.” said Michelle.

Tickets are free. Reserve your place by clicking on the link below.