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09 October 2017

The Guernsey Data Conference 1.0


Videos of talks from the Guernsey Data Conference 1.0 held in October 2017.

Talk by Marc Winn, Co-Founder of the Dandelion Foundation at the 2017 Guernsey Data Conference 1.0 - How Small Nations Can Change the World with Data


Talk by Graeme Millar, CEO of JT at the 2017 Guernsey Data Conference 1.0. IoT: The Future of the Data Sim.

Talk by Colin Vaudin, Chief Information Officer from the States of Guernsey on E-Government at the 2017 Guernsey Data Conference 1.0.


First panel discussion with Marc Winn from the Dandelion Foundation, Colin Vaudin from the States of Guernsey and Graeme Millar from JT. Chaired by Jennifer Strachan, from Startup Guernsey.

Talk by Stuart Lawson, Product Manager at Northern Trust at the 2017 Guernsey Data Conference 1.0. Taming the Data Sea: The Blockchain Example.

Talk by John Davison, Chief Information Officer, FCG at the 2017 Guernsey Data Conference 1.0. Big Data, Insight and Counter Fraud.

Talk by Jay Aylmer, CEO of Tag Team at the 2017 Guernsey Data Conference 1.0. Tag Team: Creating Big Data one Hajji at a Time.

Second panel discussion with Stuart Lawson from Northern Trust, John Davison from FCG, Jay Aylmer from Tag Team chaired by Nick Vermeulen from PwC.


Talk by Jon Barclay, Partner at Bedell Cristin on Data Law: How the Legal Framework in Guernsey Enables Opportunities for the Data Economy. 

Talk by Emma Martins, Information Commissioner, Jersey/Data Protection Commissioner - Guernsey. Data Protection and Big Data – Zero Sum or Mutually Dependent?  

Talk by Steve Billinghurst, Advisory Director, PwC Isle of Man. The Rise of Data Capital and the Role of the Offshore Data (Capital) Centre.

Keynote speech by William Mason, William Mason, Director General of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission at the 2017 Guernsey Data Conference 1.0. Big Data and the Paradox of Regulation and Freedom.


Third panel discussion with Steve Billingshurst from PwC Isle of Man, William Mason from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, Emma Martins, Information Commissioner Jersey/Data Protection Commissioner for Guernsey and Jon Barclay from Bedell Cristin.




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