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02 November 2015

Cooked By James Ferguson


Cooked by James Ferguson is a corporate and private dining services company providing bespoke catering solutions.

Tell me about your business?

'Cooked' is a private and corporate catering company that is approachable, adaptable and professional. We offer office lunches, canapé parties and beach BBQ’s working closely with Aperitif, Bella Luce, Forest Stores butchery, Cafe Delice and Ziggurat. I wanted to offer a bespoke catering service ensuring that each client is treated individually and gets exactly what they want within a budget that suits them.

What inspired you to take the leap and work for yourself?

I particularly enjoy events where I cater canapés, salads and flavours from around the world and sometimes when you're employed you're restricted in what you can and can't do. I think going out by myself allows me to do and concentrate on what I enjoy. Perhaps this is a cliché but I went for what my heart was telling me to do!

How have Startup Guernsey assisted?

Startup Guernsey has been so helpful in booking lunches and canapé parties with me!!! (only joking) although that is helpful! Startup Guernsey have been invaluable in offering advice on all sorts of aspects of setting up my business including at what stage to hire an accountant, when to take on new staff and how to manage the workload running your own business. I’m a Chef, not a businessman and need and want to remain that way.

What advice would you give other new startups?

I would say go for it! If you think there is a market for your product then go for it. It's better to have had a go and failed than wonder and think about what you could have achieved...

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