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06 January 2016

Bridge Digital


Bridge Digital is a response driven digital marketing agency that develops and implements digital marketing strategies

Tell me about your business?

Bridge Digital is a response driven digital marketing agency. We develop and implement digital marketing strategies tailored to specific business objectives and provide detailed reporting and analysis on performance.

Our services include PPC (pay per click), by that we mean the paid advertising that feature on the top and right side of Google and SEO (search engine optimisation), which is the process of developing your website and the conversation and engagement around it to make websites appear higher in the natural ranking.

In addition, we manage paid social opportunities including advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other different platforms.

We specialise in these areas and work directly with clients and in agency partnerships.

How has Startup Guernsey assisted?

Startup Guernsey has been amazing in the support it's offered my business since I moved back to the island. As soon as I came over here I was looking into trademarking the name so to check all the domains I went and spoke to Tony from Startup Guernsey. He was really great at giving me advice around the whole trademarking process and registering a business over here.

He referred me to the Parish Group who have been fantastic and I've also been along to a couple of the digital marketing events that Startup Guernsey has put on.

I recently went to the Alumni Event and it was great to be able to network with other local businesses. Startup Guernsey is a great resource and they have given me lots of invaluable advice and continue to do so.

What advice would you give other new startups?

For me, it's about doing something you know, can do well and are really passionate about. It's hard as there are lots of extra hours when you are setting up your own business.

In the beginning it was nerve-wracking to think that I had to grow the business and it's tempting to go after every single business opportunity. Obviously, you want your business to grow but I definitely think that there's a moment where you need to step back and ask yourself;  What can I manage really well? How am I different? Why would someone choose my agency?

Looking at costs, taking into consideration the marketplace and thinking about how you can stand out are also important factors. However, for me the most important piece of advice I'd give other new startups is to make sure you look after your clients.

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