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19 July 2017

Learn how to use Google and social media to grow your business


Wednesday, July 19th at the Digital Greenhouse
Registration: 11:30am
Seminar: 12:00am – 14:00pm

With the vast amount of marketing space available to businesses today, it is critical to adopt the correct strategy for your business. Whether it be Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Bing, it is key to maximise YOUR TIME and make the most out of YOUR MONEY!

The event is organised by Businesshelp.gg and is supported by Startup Guernsey.

What You’ll Learn At The Seminar

– How mobile and tablets have changed how your customers make decisions.
– How Google can get you in front of your customers on all devices
– How to lead customer to a purchase.
– The power of social marketing for your business.
– Get more from Google & Bing.
– How to improve your organic Search Engine Positions
– How to Test and Measure your results.
– How to improve the number of enquires you get from your website
– How to tie all your social media & website together.
– How to build a business that can cope with all these new enquiries.
– How workflow systems can help your productivity.

We will be covering the following topics:

Test & Measure: How to increase profits & reduce wasted marketing spend fast.
Google Advertising: How to put your company infront of customer when they want to buy.
Google Organic Results: How to improve your website content for better SEO results.
Google Analytics: How to see where your best results are coming from.
Google Business Listing: How to get your FREE listing to attract local business.
Gmail Advertising: How to utilise your competitors marketing to your advantage.
Testimonials, Review & Case Studies: How to increase your conversion rate by making your offer more believeable.
Google Remarketing & Facebook Pixel: Follow the customers that got away the first time.
Social Media: How to use your content to benefit your website and social presence?
Video Marketing: How to use video to enhance your advertising and user experience.
How to make a marketing plan: See how to make a future MARKETING STRATEGY FOR YOUR BUSINESS….!

Cloud based Workflow systems: How cloud based workflow systems can help you to improve your productivity and give you more time and improve your bottom line.